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Canopy Manufacturer in Assam,hyderabad

Canopies are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors these days. They are a good option to enhance the open areas, event halls, gardens and parks for various functions. You can use the canopy for residential as well as commercial use. It is easy to fix a canopy in any place with the help of poles.

If you are also looking for some reliable and best manufacturers of the canopy in Assam & hyderabad then call on our toll-free numbers or send us an email to buy our products as Shelter Enterprises is a well-known canopy manufacturing company. We make canopies for homes, cafes, shops, events halls, and other places.

Top factors which make the leading canopy manufacturer in Assam & hyderabad

1. Top in Google search

Most of the people trust the leading manufacturers of canopies on Google these days. Our company Shelter Enterprises will appear first when you find the good canopy manufacturer in Assam and hyderabad . This is because of our nice business-oriented approach with the customers.

2. Experienced staff

Our company has well-qualified designers and technicians to design and fix canopies in your homes and offices. They find new designs and patterns to give an amazing look to gardens, homes, offices and events halls.

In addition to that, our technicians arrive at your home or office on the same day. Apart from that, they will also suggest you the perfect products for homes and offices.

3. Superior quality raw materials

We use nice quality raw materials in manufacturing canopies in Assam & hyderabad. We buy raw materials such as polyester and polyethylene from trustworthy sources. Further, we test these raw materials and then make canopies.

Our canopies are resistant to water, sun rays, smear, and rust. They remain in beautiful conditions for many years.

4. No hidden fees

You can look at our different products and choose your favorite one. All you have to do it to pay for the product while buying and not after that. We provide a long time warranty on our products.

Additionally, we do not charge extra fees in case of installing, repairing, and replacing the canopies. By paying only once, you can enjoy the benefits of our canopies for many years.

5. Accurate services

Our company Shelter Enterprises is manufacturing canopies in Assam & hyderabad from last 12 years. We believe in delivering every project at the right time. Our well-trained technicians complete all the projects of homes, offices, outdoor areas and other places in a nice way.

We never delay any work and fulfill the demands of the customers. Additionally, we give good suggestions when the client finds confusion in selecting the right product.

Types of Canopies Manufactured in Assam & hyderabad by Us

The different types of canopies manufactured in Assam & hyderabad by us are as under:

1. Frame tents

Frame tents are used in craft shows, events, outdoor functions, and weddings. They need poles for support. It is very convenient to install frame tents in open areas and gardens. Frame tents come in various shapes, colors and sizes.

They provide a good amount of shade in the hot summer season. Apart from that, they protect the gardens from rainwater and snowfall.

2. Pole tents

Apart from simple canopy manufacturer in Assam & hyderabad, we also make pole tents. They are available in many sizes and shapes. Pole tents are heavier in weight than other canopies.

They can be fixed in any open spaces, gardens or parks for exhibitions, craft shows, events, campaigns, and weddings. They need tension for set up and installation. Pole tents are very durable.

3. Garden canopies

We make an array of garden canopies for backyards, patios, and gardens of homes and offices. With the help of garden canopies, you can create a large shady place for throwing family functions or barbeque parties.

Apart from the gardens, you can also use garden canopies while picnicking on beaches and picnic spots. These canopies provide shade in sunlight and rains. Our garden canopies have screened walls which block the way of flies, mosquitoes and other insects.

4. Instant canopies

This is one of the cost-effective canopies you can use in homes, gardens, patios, and parks. It is simple to use instant canopies without poles or other tools. They provide shade when you want to play beach sports or relax under shade in the scorching heat.

You can also use these lightweight canopies to promote your products and services anytime. After using these canopies, you can wrap them and pack in the box in an easy way.

Benefits of our canopies manufactured in Assam & hyderabad

1. Coolness

Our canopies provide lots of shade in summers. You will get a cool feeling on the beaches, gardens, and parks while resting or enjoying drinks. Canopies protect your skin from harmful sunrays.

2. Prevents rainwater

Our canopies protect your gardens and outdoor areas from rainwater while partying. They stop the rain waters to spoil the wedding functions, engagement and birthday parties.

3. Weather-resistant

Our company manufactures rich quality canopies and shades. The raw materials in the making of these canopies do not get damaged due to sun rays, rainwater, snowfall, rust, and smear.

You can easily wash our canopies with hand or in washing machines. They do not tear even after using several times.

How to contact us for booking the best canopies manufactured in Assam & hyderabad?

If you want the topmost canopy manufacturer in Assam & hyderabad, visit our official site. You can book our services through a call or WhatsApp message. Besides that, you can even send us an email with all your requirements. Our team will send you a reply within 24 hours.

You can visit our Twitter and Facebook pages to know the types of canopies, sizes, colors, and designs. We upload the images and photos of our latest designs and products on these pages. You can also have a look at our prices on these pages.

Our canopies will add charm to your home, office and outdoor areas.