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Canopy manufacturer in Bhubaneswar

Today, the skate parks, gardens, stadiums, airports, walkways, and other areas have a Canopy structure. These structures are good in quality and have hard material which can stop rains, wind, and sun rays. Besides that, they have affordable prices and you don’t need to change them every now and then.

If you are looking for award-winning Canopy manufacturer in Bhubaneswar, call us. We at Shelter Enterprises make a variety of Canopy for residential buildings, commercial places, stadiums, airports, and other places. We promise to give you the highest quality of Canopy at reasonable rates.

Top factors which make us the topnotch Canopy manufacturer in Bhubaneswar

1. Google High rankings

The customers approach us because of our good Google rankings. When you search the best Canopy manufacturer in Bhubaneswar, you will find our company in the first few search results

Our high Google rankings have helped the customers to reach us. This is because of our good quality services.

2. High-quality raw materials

We normally use PVC or vinyl materials in making Canopy. These raw materials are picked from reliable sources. After collecting the raw materials, we check them in the labs.

The raw materials we use do not lose colors by washing or dry cleaning. They remain good for several years. Our Canopy can stay fresh in all the summer seasons.

3. Different designs

Our Canopy has beautiful designs, patterns, and colors. They enhance every large as well as small area. We manufacture Canopy for every place such as a sports arena, stadiums, hotels, garden restaurants, and others.

We at Shelter Enterprises make Canopy which can cover any size of the area. Apart from that, we put designs in the Canopy according to the type of places. The colors used in our Canopy are bright and do not fade away with time.

4. Residential and commercial use

We are one of the leading Canopy manufacturers in Bhubaneswar providing a variety of Canopy. Our products are used in several places such as cricket pitches, stadiums, skate parks, gardens, open areas, exhibition venues, and others.

Our company manufactures the Canopy for residential apartments and offices, stadiums and shelters.

5. Good designers

Our company Shelter Enterprises has experts in designing various types of Canopy. They find new designs and patterns for Canopy to give an attractive look in any place. Our designers have spent many years in the field of manufacturing Canopy in Bhubaneswar.

Their expertise has been appreciated by our customers all over the country. Every design and pattern has uniqueness and elegance to make the place more attractive and pleasing.

5. No installation fees

Apart from making elegant Canopy manufactures, we also install them for free of cost. Our technicians will come to your home, garden or office and fix the Canopy. We do not charge extra money for a replacement, repairing or other work.

Types of Tensile Structure

Shelter Enterprises is famous Different types of Canopy Manufacturer in Bhubaneswar. Our company create a variety of Canopy for hotels, clubs, restaurants, commercial complexes, and others. Our tensile structures look appealing when the guests visit your hotels and offices. They will be pleased with the warm hospitality given by us through tensile entrance structures.

1. Entrance Canopy

We at Shelter Enterprises create a variety of Entrance Canopy for hotels, clubs, restaurants, commercial complexes, and others. Our Canopy looks appealing when the guests visit your hotels and offices. They will be pleased with the warm hospitality given by us through Entrance Canopy.

2. Gazebo Canopy

Our company manufactures different products of Gazebo Canopy such as Canvas Gazebo, iron gazebo, garden gazebo, and others. These structures are mainly used for relaxing and resting. You can install this Canopy on the terrace and lawns and enjoy snacks and drinks in the summer days.

3. Car Parking Canopy

This Canopy is installed in large apartments and parking lots. You can protect your car from wind, dust, water, and sunlight by fixing this Car Parking Canopy. In addition to that, they are easy to wash and maintain. They help your car to look as beautiful as it was before.

4. 3D Canopy

The parts of this Canopy are fixed into the ground. The elements of this structure are in tension and they are most common in the sports arena and sports club. The various types of 3D Canopy are Tensegrity structures, bicycle wheel, and 3D cable trusses.

5. Umbrella Canopy

The next on the list is the umbrella Canopy. It comes in different kinds such as reversed cone, single cone, and multiple cones. You can fix a Umbrella Canopy in parks, homes, gardens, and restaurants. It gives protection from dangerous UV rays. You can enjoy a hammock under Umbrella Canopy with fresh fruit juice in hot sunny days.

6. Fabric Canopy

As the name suggests, this Fabric Canopy has fabric supported by frames and materials like glass or polycarbonate. It can be used in small parks, homes, open areas, gardens, and other areas.

Benefits of our Canopy manufactured in Bhubaneswar

1. Saves from sun rays

If you love relaxing on an armchair with a book and drink alongside the pool, install a Canopy structure. It gives you protection from harmful UV rays.

2. Protection from rainwater

Our Canopy manufactured in Bhubaneswar stop the rainwater from entering your homes, stadiums, gardens, offices or skate parks. Even the colors and designs of our Canopy structures do not become old and dull due to the use of water.

3. Protects the place from wind and dust

Our homes, gardens, and offices often get polluted by dust or mud. Our Canopy protect the walls of offices and homes from dust, mud, and pollutants.

How to contact us?

To book the reputed Canopy manufacturer in Bhubaneswar, you can call us or send an SMS. Apart from that, you can send a message on WhatsApp. To have a look at our different Canopy, designs, patterns, and colors, you can go to our social media pages.

You can drop us an email as well. We put all our efforts to make your place look pleasing and attractive.