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Canopy Manufacturer in Chandigarh

Canopies will help you to have a good lunchtime even in the hot summer season. They provide shade while playing beach sports and organizing product campaign. Apart from protection, the canopies reduce your cost of decoration. You can simply arrange a canopy in your wedding functions, events, seminars, and other events. Shelter Enterprises is a popular company manufacturing canopies in Chandigarh. We have served many clients in the past years and all of them are completely satisfied with our services.

If you want the canopies of an award-winning Canopy Manufacturer in Chandigarh you can give us a phone call or leave an email. Our company provide canopies for different places as per your needs.

Top factors which make us the reliable Canopy Manufacturer in Chandigarh

There are some factors due to which clients in different parts of the country prefer our company over others.

1. Top Google ranking

You have to just type the canopy manufacturer in Chandigarh, you will get the name of our company in the first few links. We are on the highest rankings in Google search because of our high-quality products and services. It is easy for you to get the details of our company on Google.

2. Good raw materials

We know how important raw material in manufacturing canopies in Chandigarh. To provide the superior quality of canopies to each customer, we buy raw materials from the well-known sources.

Our company uses top-class materials like polyester and polyethylene to increase the life of canopies. They are rustproof as well as waterproof.

3. Variety of products

Our company manufactures canopies of various kinds for every place. We make canopies for offices, homes, outdoor areas, patios, deck, gardens and event halls. Each canopy of Shelter Enterprises makes the place look more gorgeous and attractive.

Additionally, we use nice colors and patterns in each canopy to make your wedding functions, events, and exhibitions successful.

4. Highly trained staff

The designers of Shelter Enterprises give you the exclusive range of canopies manufactured in Chandigarh. They have many years of training in designing the canopies for residential and commercial spaces.

Apart from that, we also have a smart group of technicians to install canopies in homes and outdoor spaces. They will fix and also replace in case the canopies are damaged by wind, rainwater or sun rays.

Kinds of canopies

Being a topnotch canopy manufacturer in Chandigarh we manufacture numerous kinds of canopies. They are as under:

1. Cross Cable Frame Tents

These tents are used for different events and functions such as birthday party, engagement function, baby showers, and marketing campaigns. You can fix the cross cable frame tents in the grass and in open areas. These tents can form the L-shape or T-shape. They also have sidewalls with artistic themes.

2. Carport canopy

Your cars will lose charm if put in sunlight every day. The color of the cars may fade within a short time by putting in open places. A carport canopy will safeguard your cars from harmful sunrays and extend the life of the paint. We manufacture canopies in Chandigarh for cars in various sizes. You choose the canopies with sides or without sides to cover your cars.

3. Canopy pole tent

Perfect for family functions and events, a pole tent is a durable canopy. They can be fixed by means of side poles. These poles are fixed inside the ground for more support. In addition to that, the canopy pole tent is ideal for larger areas.

4. Large canopy

We also manufacture large canopies for various occasions and functions. You can use a large canopy to cover the ground from sunrays and rainwater while throwing a party. If you want to organize a party in your garden or backyard, this is the ideal choice.

A large canopy can easily cover the garden or outdoor space under which 20 to 25 people can sit. Besides that, you can provide the shelter to your animals like horses and dogs from the sun’s heat. A large canopy provides cool feeling in the hot summer days.

5. Garden canopy

Our company Shelter Enterprises makes an array of garden canopies for office areas and residential places. You can buy a garden canopy to enjoy a superb day with your friends in the backyard.

Garden canopies have screened sides which stop the insects like mosquitoes and bugs to come near you. Apart from that, these canopies give a good amount of shade so that you can enjoy lunch.

Benefits of our canopy manufactured in Chandigarh

1. Provide shade

Whether it is you, your cars or animals, our canopies protect all from the intense heat of the sun. Our canopies have lightweight and high-quality raw materials which block the sunrays from touching your skin.

2. Stop rainwater

Rains can ruin your plans of outdoor party or barbeque party. Our canopies manufactured in Chandigarh is resistant to water. Even in the heavy rains, you can enjoy baby showers, family functions, or get together in your gardens or patios.

3. Beautiful appearance

A function, event or party turns more exciting when there are mind-blowing backdrop and decoration. Our company makes so attractive canopies that all your events, exhibitions and functions will be more memorable and interesting. They have exquisite designs, patterns and colors to enhance even the boring place and area.

Book us

If you are finding the trustworthy canopy manufacturer in Chandigarh it is none other our company Shelter Enterprises. You can book our services in several ways. You can either give us a phone call or send a message on WhatsApp.

We have our pages on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On these pages, you will find all the details of our company. We have displayed various types of canopies on our pages to present a more precise idea. You can look at the different packages and choose which is proper as per your budget.