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Canopy Manufacturer in Lucknow

Canopy such as retractable roofing, polycarbonate sheet, and outdoor shade are chosen commercial and residential complexes. They are elegant, durable, lightweight and waterproof roofs to serve as roofs. Besides that, you can get a permanent roofing solution by installing a Canopy in your patio or outdoor area.

If you want an expert Canopy manufacturer in Lucknow, call us. We at Shelter Enterprises take pride in manufacturing a wide range of stunning Canopy for homes, offices, stadiums, airports and commercial buildings. Our company has been working in this field from last 15 years.

Top factors which make us the reliable Canopy manufacturers in Lucknow

1. Top position on Google

From many years, we are manufacturing different types of Canopy for various areas. Due to the excellence of raw materials and timely work, the customers choose our company when it comes to Canopy.

When you type the best Canopy manufacturer in Lucknow or Awning manufacturer in Lucknow the name of our company Shelter Enterprises appears in the first few ranks. Because of high Google rankings, the customer in all parts of Lucknow and Chandigarh our company for the installation of Canopy.

2. Accuracy in work

Deadline is the main thing in any business. We at Shelter Enterprises finish every project within the timeframe. Our experienced staff does not give a chance to any customer to complain either for the quality of our work or the time of our work.

We put our full efforts to deliver the nice quality of work within a limited time. Apart from that, we also see to it that the quality of the product is not degraded in hasty work.

3. Reasonable prices

While the other Canopy manufacturers in Lucknow charge more prices for the Canopy, we do not increase the rates of our products every few months. Our prices are uniform and affordable for every small or large area.

Due to the cost-effective packages of Canopy, the customers select our company. In addition to that, we install the roofs and Canopy for free of cost. We do not charge additional fees if your Canopy is broken or damaged by sunlight or rainwater. Our products also come with a long term guarantee.

4. Variation in products

Each Canopy manufactured by our company Shelter Enterprises is different from others. We do not repeat the designs, colors, styles, and patterns in Canopy. In addition to that, we use bright colors for homes, parks and auditorium Canopy while simple colors for offices and commercial areas

5. Fine quality raw materials

The raw materials of our Canopy are of high quality. We pick the most genuine dealers in the town for buying the raw materials. After buying raw materials, we test them in the labs. They are lightweight and resistant to water, fire, dust, and sunrays.

Additionally, the raw materials which we use are easy to wash by hand or in the machine. They do not lose colors with time.

Types of Canopy manufactured by us in Lucknow

1. Gazebo Canopy

Gazebo Canopy are made from a variety of materials such as vinyl and PVC. They are best suited for the areas which receive heavy sunlight. These structures block the rays and rainwater as well. Gazebo Canopy contain lightweight fabric materials.

2. Conical structures

These Conical Canopy have a shape like a cone at the top. They have a membrane placed between lower columns and ring. Conical Canopy are placed in the open areas and protect the place from heavy rains and wind.

3. Car parking Canopy

We are well-known Canopy manufacturers in Lucknow offering the car parking Canopy for commercial and residential places. It is very simple to install our car parking Canopy. They are also easy to maintain and wash.

Our car parking Canopy give sufficient protection to your cars from sunrays, rainwater, and dust. Your cars will remain in good condition for many years. Even the body and color of your cars do not get dull due to harmful UV rays, water, dust, and pollutants.

4. Auditorium Canopy

The next type of Canopy we make is auditorium Canopy. This Auditorium Canopy is widely used for recreational areas such as hockey arenas, swimming pools, sports arenas, and warehouses.

Our auditorium Canopy are made from premium quality raw materials. They make pools and auditoriums more attractive and appealing. Our auditorium Canopy work on air pressure and also have strong structures.

5. Cable net Canopy

Our Cable net Canopy roofing protects the large spaces from harmful sunrays and rainwater. It is fixed in stadiums and open areas such as playgrounds and skate parks. It has cables which are connected to one another.

Benefits of Canopy manufactured by us

1. Lightweight

Our Canopy manufactured in Lucknow is made from lightweight materials. It can be fixed in an easy manner and washed as well.

2. Waterproof

The Canopy made by our company does not allow the water to enter your patio or garden. During the rainy season, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in your garden under Canopy.

4. Heat resistant

Our auditorium Canopy and other structures are resistant to heat. They do not allow the sunrays to damage your gardens, patios, outdoor spaces or walkways. Our products remain god even in the heavy winds, rains, and snowfall.

How to contact us

If you want an excellent Canopy manufacturer in Lucknow, contact us by a call or send us an SMS. You can send us an email with all your requirements and queries. Besides that, you can also visit our pages on Facebook and Twitter. We upload the images and content about our products regularly on these pages.

You can also send a message on WhatsApp. Our company is always ready to listen to your demands.