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Summers are the most boring times. You cannot enjoy a cup of tea of coffee outside your house or office garden during summers. So, what is the next option you can choose? It is a canopy. This is one of the superb coverings for patios, gardens, homes, and deck which protect from sunlight and rainwater.

Are you finding the professional canopy manufacturer in Kochi,Kolkata? You don’t have to chase more as your search ends at our company Shelter Enterprises. We are the experienced manufacturers of the canopy in Kochi,Kolkata.

If you are in search of the award-winning company manufacturing different types of canopies for all purposes and areas then you can contact us anytime for installation of the canopy at your gardens, deck, patios and outdoor areas.

Top factors which play an important role in making us a top-level canopy manufacturer in Kochi & Kolkata

You may find ample companies boasting to offer you high-quality canopies at affordable prices. But, you cannot trust amateurs or new companies. You can trust our company to get the high-quality canopy manufactured in Kochi,Kolkata. Apart from that, the other factors why you should select us are as under:

1. Topmost in the Google search

If you will look for the canopy manufacturer in Raipur, Bhubaneswar on Google, we will always be available at the top rank due to our excellent services offered to the clients.

2. Competent team

Our company being the topmost canopy manufactured in Kochi,Kolkata has smart technicians who work day and night to fulfill the demands of the clients. They have worked in canopy making field for many years which is a benefit or our company and clients.

On one call, our technicians will arrive at your homes or offices to fix the canopies. They will work in no time and turn your empty outdoor areas into special ones.

3. Superior quality raw materials

We use superb quality raw materials for manufacturing canopy in Kochi,Kolkata. We choose the best sources to buy raw materials such as polyester, vinyl, and polyethylene.

Our raw materials are durable, lightweight and provide good protection. Apart from that, they can resist any type of climatic changes. Our canopies do not damage from rainwater, rust, dirt or mud.

4. Affordable prices

While other companies want to earn money, we want to provide the best products. For this reason, we offer the most reasonable packages for both commercial and residential areas.

In addition to that, we suggest you the most appropriate packages to ease your job. We suggest you the good ideas to beautify your industrial, commercial or residential places at low prices.

5.Unique designs and colors

Being a famous canopy manufacturer in Kochi & Kolkata we know the value of excellent quality of work. We design all our canopies in an amazing way which catches your attention.

Be it a residential outdoor space, event hall or office garden, our canopies decorate all of them in a nice way. Each product of ours has artistic designs, beautiful colors and different patterns.

Which different types of canopies do we manufacture in Kochi & Kolkata?

Our company Shelter Enterprises manufactures numerous kinds of canopies for residential buildings, commercial areas and marriage halls. The canopies manufactured in Kochi,Kolkata by us is as follows:

1, Garden canopies

These canopies are specifically made for your leisure. You can enjoy tea, coffee, and snacks in the garden canopies. These canopies have screened sides and stunning designs which create a cooler atmosphere than the external temperature. Apart from that, they also keep away bugs, flies, and mosquitoes from the garden.

Garden canopies provide good protection from harmful UV rays, wind, rainwater and dust.

2. Instant canopies

If you want to throw a BBQ party or beach party, pick an instant canopy and enjoy a lavish party anytime. Instant canopies manufactured in Kochi,Kolkata by us has collapsible frames and you can easily install them in backyard, gardens, beaches or patios. Besides that, these canopies are lightweight tools which give you comfort to take from one place to another.

3. Custom tents

Shelter Enterprises is one of the prime manufacturers of the canopy in Kochi,Kolkata. We manufacture the canopies with 3D designs and other graphics for more elegance. A custom tent can be used in any simple party or event hall to add décor in the empty area.

4. Dome canopy tents

These canopies are used to market products and services. They can also serve the purpose of events, seminars, and exhibitions. You can easily install a dome canopy tent in the open area or any pavement. If you love camping, take a dome canopy tent.

Benefits of our canopies manufactured in Kochi & Kolkata

We discussed the reasons why you must trust us as your canopy manufacturer in Kochi & Kolkata Now, we will highlight some of the merits of our canopies as under:

1. Block Sunrays

Harmful UV rays from the sun can burn your skin while playing beach sports or having snacks with friends. Our canopies are made from fine quality materials which stop the sunrays to touch your body in any way. They provide good protection from dangerous heat and maintain the temperature.

2. Stop Rainwater

Rainwater is another obstacle which damages many cheap quality canopies. Our canopies are better than ordinary products. They do not only stop the water but also prevent the interior of your buildings from moisture.

3. Prevent areas from dust

Our products protect your garden areas, residential buildings, patios and decks from dust, mud and other particles. They extend the life of your walls and floors as well.

How to contact us for canopy manufacturing in Kochi & Kolkata?

If you want a superlative canopy manufacturer in Kochi,Kolkata do contact us by giving a phone call or a text message. You can even send us an email with your personal details and other requirements.

We also have pages on social media platforms where you can view all our information. Besides that, you can send us a message of WhatsApp to book our services.

    So now, you can enhance your homes, offices and commercial areas with our canopies.