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Tensile Structure Manufacturer in India

Residential apartments, offices, patios, deck, event halls, and other places enhance more with the help of canopies. These products provide shade in the scorching heat and heavy rainfall as well.

If you are also in search of some best Awning & Tensile Structure manufacturer in India then get in touch with us. We are an old name in the Tensile Structure industry and come in the list of reputed manufacturers of the Tensile Structure in India. Whether it is your home, outdoor area, restaurant or beach, we provide canopies for all places.

Top factors due to which we are famous Tensile Structure manufacturer in India

Companies manufacturing canopies in India are manifold. Many of them also boast to provide you the best quality of canopies at reasonable prices. But we are a step ahead of them and satisfy the demands of our clients. Some of the nice reasons to choose us are as under:

1.Tested raw materials

Shelter Enterprises use the top quality raw materials in manufacturing canopies in India of various types. We take raw materials from well-known sources. After buying the raw materials, we check them in labs whether they are good and durable.

After thoroughly checking the raw materials, we use them in the process of manufacturing canopies. Apart from scientifically tested ones, our raw materials are weatherproof and rustproof.

2.Always on top in Google search

If you will try searhing for the reliable Tensile Structure manufacturer in India or Awning manufcaturer in India on Google, Shelter enterprises will always have its name at the top on Google first page.

3. Accuracy and on-time Service

We are in the business of manufacturing Tensile Structure in India for last 12 years. Apart from that, we have worked for five-star restaurants, commercial buildings, marriage halls, event halls, and others.

Our experienced team of technicians delivers every project at the right time. Our timely services are appreciated by clients too.

3. Well-qualified group

Our company Shelter Enterprises selects the experienced designers to make canopies. They have many years of experience in making beautiful canopies for residential and commercial areas.

They install the canopies in an efficient manner. Our experienced team of technicians makes us a leading Tensile Structure manufacturer in India.

4. No additional charges

By choosing our canopies, you can enjoy several benefits. You need to pay only the cost of canopies and no other expenses. We are very different from other manufacturers. Our company does not charge any fees for installation.

In addition to that, we do not take extra fees if the Tensile Structure is damaged or broken. We repair and replace the canopies without additional charges.

Types of our Tensile Structure manufactured in India

Shelter Enterprises is one of the best manufacturers of canopies in India making both residential and commercial canopies.

1. Commercial Tensile Structure

• Dutch Tensile Structure

These Tensile Structure are mainly chosen by café bars and shops. They give shade in hot summers and protect you from rainwater and dust.

• Shade Sails

We also manufacture shade sails. These products are perfect for commercial as well as residential areas. You can put these canopies in your garden area, backyard or commercial outdoor area. As the name suggests, shade sails give good protection from sunlight, wind, and dust.

• Sunbreakers

The third type of Tensile Structure we make is sunbreaker. We manufacture both movable and fixed sunbreakers. These canopies are used mainly in industrial buildings to provide protection from sunlight and rainwater.

In addition to that, the sun breakers enhance the exteriors of the buildings. They also provide coolness inside the industrial or residential buildings.

2. Residential Tensile Structure

• Fixed Tensile Structure

This Tensile Structure is attached to the wall and acts as a good protector for your homes. It comes with support poles for long time use. You can put this type of Tensile Structure in the patio or deck. Fixed Tensile Structure is a nice option if you don’t want to replacement every year.

• Retractable Tensile Structure

The next type of residential Tensile Structure we manufacture in India is a retractable Tensile Structure. We are one of the leading manufacturers of the retractable Tensile Structure in India.

Our company manufactures both manually operated and motorized retractable canopies for homes, outdoor areas and patios.

• Freestanding Tensile Structure

We manufacture freestanding Tensile Structure for homes. You can put this Tensile Structure in your garden or backyard and have good dinner time with friends, neighbors and family members. One of the main benefits of the freestanding Tensile Structure is that you can move it from one place to another. You can take it to beaches and picnic spots to create an ideal picnic environment.

Advantages of choosing our company as your Tensile Structure manufacturer in India

When you search for the topnotch Tensile Structure manufacturer in India you will our company in the top results. Our company Shelter Enterprises strives hard to complete each of its projects because of which clients choose us. The other reason is our high-quality canopies. Our canopies provide us the following benefits:

1. They protect you from bad sun rays during the summer season.

2. Our canopies are beautiful in designs, colors, and patterns.

3. Our canopies manufactured in and India safeguards your homes, deck, patios, outdoor areas and gardens from rainwater, dust, pollutants, and mud.

4. The canopies of our company make any plain area look very attractive and wonderful.

5. They can be used as a covering in the stadium, event halls, marriage halls, and cafes.

How can you contact us for manufacturing Tensile Structure in India?

To get the best range of canopies manufactured in India, you can call us or send us a text message. Apart from that, you can send us an email with your details and requirements. We will send you a reply within 24 hours.

If you want to see our catalogs, packages, types of canopies and other details, you can also visit our Twitter and Facebook pages. To book our services, you can also send us a message on WhatsApp.

Being a genuine Tensile Structure manufacturer in India, we promise to give you the best always.